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Prizmiere Site Launchs

April 17th 2012 - Prizmiere Launches E-Commerce Website

Transparent Version

January 3rd 2012 - Prizmiere develops Transparent version of Optically Variable Colorants

Optically Variable Colorants

Prizmiere designs, engineers, manufactures and markets a unique and cost effective line of Optically Variable Colorants.(OVC's) Innovative proprietary technologies, coupled with leading edge science, enables Prizmiere to produce light diffractive platelets < 1 micron in thickness.

Spectacular Iridescence, Vivid Rainbow Appearance and Dramatic Color Travel

PRIZMIERES' OVC's are offered as Opaque or Transparent platelets. Available as a stir-in, dry powder, or paste/slurry.


Products available worldwide through the online store, regional distributors and third party wholesalers.

Contact Prizmiere today to discuss your specific requirements.